The Snark Club

The Eighty-Fourth Sailing in the Ninetieth Year

Sailing 2023
The Old Bell Hotel, Malmesbury, Wiltshire
13 October 2023

The Eighty-Third Sailing in the Eighty-Ninth Year

Sailing 2022
Royal and Ancient Hospital of St Bartholomew in the City of London
14 October 2022

The Eighty-Second Sailing in the Eighty-Eighth Year

Sailing 2021
The Garrick Club, London WC2
29 October 2021

The Eighty-First Sailing in the Eighty-Seventh Year

Sailing 2020
23 October 2020

The Eightieth Sailing in the Eighty-Sixth Year

Sailing 2019
Guyers House Hotel, Corsham, Wiltshire
26 October 2019

The Seventy-Ninth Sailing in the Eighty-Fifth Year

Sailing 2018
Leamington Villas Road, London W11
28 September 2018

The Seventy-Eighth Sailing in the Eighty-Fourth Year

Sailing 2017
Leander Club, Henley-on-Thames
21 October 2017

The Seventy-Seventh Sailing in the Eighty-Third Year

Sailing 2016
George Hotel, Stamford, Lincolnshire
8 October 2016

The Seventy-Sixth Sailing in the Eighty-Second Year

Sailing 2015
The Rectory Hotel, Crudwell, Wiltshire
17 October 2015

The Seventy-Fifth Sailing in the Eighty-First Year

Sailing 2014
The Beefsteak Club, London WC2
10 October 2014

The Seventy-Fourth Sailing in the Eightieth Year

Sailing 2013
Swadlincote, Derbyshire
27 September 2013

The Seventy-Third Sailing in the Seventy-Ninth Year

Sailing 2012
Linghams Bookshop, The Wirral, Cheshire
28 September 2012

The Seventy-Second Sailing in the Seventy-Eighth Year

Sailing 2011
Emmanuel College, Cambridge
23 September 2011

The Seventy-First Sailing in the Seventy-Seventh Year

Sailing 2010
Hullavington, Wiltshire
15 October 2010

The Seventieth Sailing in the Seventy-Sixth Year

Sailing 2009
Leander Club, Henley-on-Thames
27 June 2009

The Sixty-Ninth Sailing in the Seventy-Fifth Year

Sailing 2008
Bleeding Heart, London EC1
24 October 2008

The Sixty-Ninth Sailing in the Seventy-Fifth Year

Sailing 2007
The Athenaeum, London SW1
12 October 2007

The Sixty-Eighth Sailing in the Seventy-Fourth Year

Sailing 2006
Hurlingham Club, London SW6
14 October 2006

The Sixty-Seventh Sailing in the Seventy-Third Year

Sailing 2005
Royal Automobile Club, Woodcote Park, Surrey
15 October 2005

The Sixty-Sixth Sailing in the Seventy-Second Year

Sailing 2004
Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester
16 October 2004

The Sixty-Fifth Sailing in the Seventy-First Year

Sailing 2003
Travellers Club, Pall Mall, London SW1
17 October 2003

The Sixty-Fourth Sailing in the Seventieth Year

Sailing 2002
Mere Court Hotel, Knutsford, Cheshire
12 October 2002

The Sixty-Third Sailing in the Sixty-Ninth Year

Sailing 2001
Christ Church, Oxford
13 October 2001

The Sixty-Second Sailing in the Sixty-Eighth Year

Sailing 2000
Hullavington, Wiltshire
14 October 2000