The Snark Club

  1. That the Club shall be called the Snark Club.
  2. That the object of the Club shall be the glorification of the Snark and its Creator.
  3. That an Annual Dinner shall be held.
  4. That at each Dinner the Agony shall be read complete.
  5. That the fine for non-attendance at the Dinner be a cheque drawn to bearer for seven pounds ten, which shall be crossed.
  6. That any member of the Crew who shall be separated from the scene of the Dinner by not less than one thousand diminished by eight nautical miles, upon dispatch of a cable to the Bellman be exempt from the fine mentioned in Rule 5.
  7. That members be posted in the Agony Column of the Times Newspaper after non-attendance at the Dinner exceeding two consecutive years.
  8. That members be replaced as they softly and suddenly vanish away.
  9. That the Bellman be responsible for the upkeep of the Bell, and that it be his peculiar privilege to tingle same.
  10. That Strange Creepy Creatures may be admitted as additional members of the Crew from time to time, provided the total number available for Snark service at any one time shall not exceed ten, subject to Rule 8.